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Environmental Issues Around the World


Facts About Food Waste

According to Earth.org, over 800 million people are suffering from severe malnutrition, a shocking thought when one third of all the food that is intended for human consumption is wasted or lost. Food waste negatively affects the environment, the economy, food security and nutrition. Successfully dealing with the issue remains a great challenge for the coming years.



Did you know the world's largest oil spill was not an accident but intentional? Over 35,000 barrels of crude oil was spilled into the shores of Al-Zour in Kuwait, causing devastating affect on the surrounding environment.


China Continues  to Abuse Global Environment

China promised to be a carbon-free economy by the year 2060; however, the Chinese government has recently eased their own policy to certain economic sectors that will undoubtedly delay the goal and continue to be the worst polluter in the world.


Plastic to Encircle the Globe 500 Times

According to the Seattle Times, Amazon's plastic waste for 2020 could encircle the globe 500 times.  Fortunately only 1% of it makes it to our waterways, but this is still equivalent to dumping  plastic waste from a delivery van every 70 minutes to our rivers, lakes and oceans.